Administrative Login

Adminstrative Login

This is only needed by administrators at Ma-amad. If you have a service planner installation, you need to login at the installation address you were given.

Ma-amad Service Planner Hosting

The Service Planner is an open source project, so it can be installed, maintained, and modified by anyone. This hosting service simply provides an installation of the service planner for churches or pastors to use, where the author of the software is available to fix problems, answer questions, and help things run smoothly. Proceeds beyond the reimbursement of hosting and incidental costs will go to Lakewood Lutheran School. The choice of beneficiary could change, but probably won't for quite some time.

The cost is $10 per quarter, invoiced at the beginning of January, April, July, and October. Installations that haven't paid the subscription or seen a logged-in view for three months in a row will be deleted, after notification to the email address you give below. Since the cost is so low, there's no trial period or mechanism for refunds. But if anything doesn't work, or if you don't understand how to use it, you are encouraged to email the author for help.

The invoice will work through PayPal, where subscribers may use any of the payment options available. Invoices are due upon receipt. Accounts with Invoices overdue by three months may be deleted. You will be notified at the email address (and possibly the phone number) below before the account is deleted.

To set up a subscription for your own service planner hosted here at Ma-amad, please fill out the form below and submit it. You will have instant access to set up and use your new service planner, and you will receive an invoice in your email. You may also subscribe to the Google Group at, if you wish. That's the support forum where the author participates in discussion between users of the service planner.

If you are not in the United States, please email the author directly to ask about arranging for a subscription.